Hey kids, what’s cooking?

February 09, 2021
Broc washing his hands and another broc holding an apple

broc next to a grillGet creative with our new coloring pages!

You might have seen me around the MA SNAP-Ed website, mahealthyfoodsinasnap.org.  My name is Broc.  I am here to help you make the healthy choice, the easy choice!  For example, where I live, it snowed today.  Cold and snowy days make it hard to go outside and play.  Did you know that all children should get one hour of physical activity each day? Did you also know that is 60 minutes of moving all parts of your body?  Well, you do not have to complete all 60 minutes at once.  It is okay to break it out throughout the day or challenge yourself to do one session.


A mother and her daughters doing squats So, what can you do on a snowy day?  Start your morning off by helping your family shovel some of the snow or clear the snowflakes from the car.  That will get your heart pumping!  After lunch you could do some yoga poses which will stretch and strengthen your muscles as well as calm your mind. After a healthy dinner gather your family for a dance party.  Grab a partner, lock your arms at your elbows, and skip around in circles. Make sure to put on your favorite song. I can hear your laughter already!


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Some people want to watch movies during a snowstorm.  It is great to watch a movie, but you see how easy it is to fit in 60 minutes of physical activity throughout your day?  During the weekends or when you are on vacation, go sledding, skating, or go on a wintery hike to find animal footprints.  Give it a try.  You get to make the healthy choice for YOU!