Visiting a “Pick Your Own” Fruit Farm

June 26, 2019
Father and daughter picking fruit

If you have never done it before, visiting a “pick your own” fruit farm should be at the top of your list of things to do once summer comes! It’s a great way to get fresh, healthy food while also being physically active.

You can find a farm near where you live by using our Farmers Market map provided by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources.

Once you’re viewing the map, click on the “Pick Your Own” option on the bottom left of the webpage. You’ll see a lot of different options come up!

To narrow down your results, click on the “Search” option at the top right of the map and in the “Crops or Activities” box pick whatever fruit you like. You can also add your address to get locations closer to where you live or specify farms that accept SNAP and HIP benefits .

Once you find a farm you would like to visit make sure you go to the farms website to get up-to-date information on when the farm is open and what’s available to pick. Some farms may also have a social media site with daily updates. Before you visit, you should also consider making yourself a snack - you will be doing a lot of walking around at the farm! Try out this easy homemade Trail Mix recipe to keep your energy up. And bring a water bottle!