Meet Broc!

October 03, 2018

broc exercisingHave you noticed the friendly green guy hanging around at the top of each page on our website? His name is Broc, and he is here to show you how to reach your health goals! In this blog post we will check out the places on our website you can find Broc, and see what he is doing around

Broc loves going outdoors and getting active with his family and friends! You can always find him in the Healthy Moves section looking for tips on fun and free ways to get in his 22 minutes of daily physical activity.


broc holding a shopping back with healthy foods in it


This summer Broc also started using his SNAP benefits to grow a container garden in his kitchen, so he’s been looking at the over 200 recipes in our recipe database to find tasty ways to enjoy his newly grown vegetables. Broc is new to cooking though, so he spends a lot of time in the Cooking Tips and Food Safety sections learning how to prepare and package meals the right way.



Finally, whenbroc meditating Broc wants to relax you can find him meditating right here in the Healthy You section. If he has questions about what it means to live a healthy lifestyle, this is the place he looks to find the answers. In fact, when he wanted to learn more about Farmers’ Markets he sent in a question through the contact form and had it answered in a blog post!

Get moving on the path to a healthy you along with Broc!