Visiting a Farmers' Market

August 30, 2018
Farmers' Market

Have you tried out the farmers’ market map in the Healthy Foods section?

Summer is the perfect time to visit a farmers’ market in your area, and the map can help you find one nearby. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through your first visit to a farmers’ market and how you can use your SNAP benefits to buy healthy foods.greenbeans, onions and flowers

If you’re not sure what a farmers’ market is, it’s usually an outdoor event where different farmers or vendors come together to sell their goods to the community. If you’ve ever been to a flea market, a farmers’ market is a lot like that. Some stands accept credit cards and SNAP benefits as payment, but others will only take cash.

Farmers’ markets are often both child and pet-friendly places, so don’t be afraid to bring them with you! Many farmers’ markets offer activities for children, and walking around all the stands is a great way to get some healthy moves in.

One of the greatest benefits to shopping at a farmers’ market is knowing where everything you buy comes from and when it was picked - so you know how fresh your food is. Many items are organic, and some stands even display their certificates of organic production!


Once you’ve found a farmers’ market near where you live, visit the market’s website and confirm the location, date of the market, and if it accepts SNAP benefits. Once you know, make sure you have the following items before you make your visit:

  • A few reusable shopping bags
  • A water bottle to help keep you cool in the summer sun
  • Your SNAP benefits card

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re visiting a farmers’ market:

  • Ask the vendor you visit is if they have the ability to accept your benefits. Vendors at farmers’ markets always welcome people with SNAP benefits, but not all of them are certified to accept SNAP benefits.
  • If the vendor can’t take your benefits, feel free to move onto another stand at the market.
  • Farmers’ markets often offer larger amounts of fruits and vegetables for a lower price than you can get them at a local supermarket. Always be sure to compare prices to make sure you’re saving money!

a sign that says "todays special is pork chops"Farmers’ markets aren’t just for fruits and vegetables though. You can also buy fresh meat like fish, pork, and beef as well as eggs, bread, and cheese at some markets. You’re certain to find healthy fresh food and fun things to do at your local farmers’ market!