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Older Adults

In general, older adults should follow the same guidelines for weekly physical activity as they would have when younger; 22 minutes a day or 150 minutes each week. While you want to aim for the recommended time, focus on what you are woman taking a walkable. Before starting an exercise/activity program, it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor first. For people over the age of 65 adding balancing activities along with muscle strengthening and other moderate intensity exercises like walking.

Where should you begin?

People always want to know what is the *best* physical activity they can do. We have the answer! The best type of physical activity is the one you enjoy. Why? You know the answer. If you enjoy it, you’ll likely do it regularly. It’s not the one father and daughter laughing by a lakeday of physical activity that lowers your risk for heart disease and other chronic diseases, improves your mental health, and helps you sleep at night. It’s doing that activity regularly.

We have lots of resources for you to help you learn more about adding physical activity into your life in the way that’s best for *you*:

Your local Councils of Aging & Senior Centers often provide activities and exercise classes. You can meet new friends! Did you know that if you are over 62 you are eligible to purchase a discounted state park pass that never expires? Find out more in the link below:


What should you be doing?

It can be overwhelming for some when considering starting an exercise program. If you looking for ideas about what to do and where to do it visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:


It’s a balancing act!

Working on your balance can reduce the risk of falls for older adults. And it’s easy and fun to do. Try standing on one leg. Feel free to hold onto the edge of a chair until you get the hang of it. Many Councils of Aging offer Tai Chi classes at free or reduced rates. Make sure you check out some of the resources below too:

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