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The best way to get your children to be more active is by setting an example for them to follow. Here are a few tips for simple ways to get more active with your family.

  • Bike or walk to a fun place like a library, museum or movie theater.
  • Train together for a charity walk or taking a jog
  • Go on a forest hike.
  • Join a community walking group.
  • Dance to your favorite songs.
  • Have your children help you with yard or house work.

Use the SNAP CARD to RIDE for energetic bike rides

Be Active inside with the EBT CARD to CULTURE

Plan to be active

The biggest challenge for many people when it comes to remaining being active is remaining committed. Often, as a parent, you will need help with that just as much as your child! Laying out a weekly plan for physical activity or keeping a family activity log can be a great way to see your goals and help you to remember to act on them. (Source: National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.)

The Move Your Way website also has a physical activity planner you can use with your kids to easily plan out 60 minutes of physical activity a day.

Take it Slow

If your family isn’t used to regular physical activity, don’t do too much too fast. Start slow by walking a short distance that you might normally drive or doing activities within your home.

Get your children’s thoughts

Ask your children for ideas on things they would like to do for physical activity. They might have fun ideas for activities they’ve learned in school or at least give you an idea of what kinds of activities they’re comfortable with doing.

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