WELCOME to the SNAP Nutrition Education website.

Learning how to Think before you Eat or Drink can become easy with a few simple steps:

  • Planning out meals for yourself and your family will help you to shop wisely at the store 
  • Selecting good quality food items and comparing prices for the best cost is a SNAP
  • Knowing how to safely wash, prepare and store foods will keep germs away
  • Choosing many different recipes will teach you to explore new tastes

Discover the Power of HEALTHY FOODS

Eat Good Food but then Bust a Move:

Along with eating healthy foods, it is just as important to keep your body active every day.  When at home, school or work we all do tasks which make us sit for too long.  Think about standing up from time to time or take a walk to break up your routines.  It is ok to relax and rest like a couch potato for part of the day but be sure to get your body in motion at other times and it will give you a real boost.

Try to find a balance of eating to stay strong and moving to stay fit

  • Look up your BMI (Body Mass Index) to know how often to move to burn calories 
  • Find Devices that count your steps and have alarms to remind you to Move
  • Use the SNAP CARD to RIDE for energetic bike rides
  • Get outdoors in the sunshine ~ Take a Walk, Play Sports, or do some Gardening
  • Be Active inside with the EBT Card to Culture ~ Explore a Museum or Cultural Event

Take charge of your life and make changes through HEALTHY MOVES

Overall we hope the information in our website will help you to become the best that you can be.  We want you to feel like a strong and HEALTHY YOU